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What our subscribers say

Matt C.

Travel Industry Professional

A must-read for anyone who wants to stay on top of the latest travel trends and news. Plus, it throws in some witty commentary that actually makes me chuckle.

Sophie M.

Travel Agent

Their sarcastic humor hits all the right notes. It's like having a travel BFF who doesn't sugarcoat anything.

Mike W.

World Traveler

They don't shy away from the occasional airline snafu or tourist trap warning, which I find refreshingly honest.

Kathie C.

Frequent Flyer

So easy to scan and digest the information, allowing me to stay informed without getting bogged down in details

Johnathan V.

Global Nomad

This newsletter keeps me in the loop! It provides a clear breakdown of the week's travel news

Luna B.


It cuts through the clutter and delivers the most important stories in a clear, concise way

Davey S.

Travels by Train Only

I don't have time for lengthy travel blogs or in-depth articles. What I need is a quick and dirty dose of travel news